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Secret Santa by TRC by AU-Supernatural-Club Secret Santa by TRC :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 2 0
Super Epic Walmart Adventure
Dean's eyes followed the tail of the cat clock on the wall as it swayed back and forth. Tick. Tock. Bang! His head turned to see Sam walk straight into the office door.
"Oh, watch yourself Mr. Winchester, you have to open the door first. Like this..." said a soft feminine voice, muffled by the door. It opened, to reveal the nurse, and a very dopey but happy looking Sam.
"He's a little loopy from the anesthetics, but there were no problems with the procedure. He should, er, come down, in a few hours, and when that happens it would be a good idea to give him some painkillers. In the meantime..." She looked towards Sam, who was blowing bubbles with his saliva.
"...I'd recommend you keep him away from any sharp objects...or...actually, all objects."
"Will do, and thank you for helping him through the door," Dean said, smiling up at the nurse.
"Haha, it was my pleasure..." She looked at Dean and smiled.
"Quit being such a flirt monster," Sam burbled, one of the spit bubbles popping out of t
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TiggerDean by thenizu by AU-Supernatural-Club TiggerDean by thenizu :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 2 0 T igger and Piglet by thenizu by AU-Supernatural-Club T igger and Piglet by thenizu :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 0 0 Dean-Castiel AU by Deerane by AU-Supernatural-Club Dean-Castiel AU by Deerane :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 1 1
                                      Crossroads: Act 2
                                       Facing the Demon
                  It was cold, so very cold. Which was actually pretty funny considering where he was going.
                 The irony of it all was not lost on Dean, even as he clenched his jaw to keep his teeth from chattering. Sam was lying in the bed next to him, oblivious to the world. And though he was no more than a co
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Crossroads- TwilightRoseChica
                                (A Supernatural Fanfic)
             “Don’t you get it yet?” A petite woman, with lush, dark hair whispered seductively, her lips brushing against his ear. Her elegant fingers toyed with his thick hair as she spoke, “Dean’s as good as dead.”
              Sam Winchester spun around, pointing the antique-looking gun at the woman’s head. She smirked and closed her azure eyes, and
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Don't Cry by quickshadow by AU-Supernatural-Club Don't Cry by quickshadow :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 2 2
The Dog: A SN FanFic
The Dog: An AU  Supernatural FanFic
By Taralupe
“Stop staring at me!” Dean yelled at the dog sitting in the back of his Impala. If it weren’t for Sam the damn dog would have been back in the dead woman’s yard still, waiting to be picked up by animal control or family members or whoever handled that sort of thing. But Sam had insisted that the dog could not stay in a yard on a chain until it happened to be found.
Dean looked into his review mirror again at the dog. It stared back at him with its oddly intelligent eyes. Bright yellow orbs stared at him from a pitch black face. Its slanted wolfish eyes blinked slowly as it twitched its triangular ears at the sound of passing cars. Just then Sam pulled open the passenger door, tossing a few plastic bags in between himself and Dean on the Impala’s front bench seat.
“I didn’t know what kind of food she’d like so I got some canned and some dry.” Sam looked back at the dog and grinned like
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First Club Avvie by AU-Supernatural-Club First Club Avvie :iconau-supernatural-club:AU-Supernatural-Club 0 2


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So we have a new club site-…

This is to make all of our lives easier and in order to get your attention... and to apologize for the lack of activity, I'm giving away prizes. It's not much but they're super cute an I'm willing to foot the bill so get artistic! Here's a chance to show your love for the show and get fun stuff! If you are interested go to the site and see the contests themselves.

Please let others know, I'd love to see lots of entries <3


The Winchesters Are My Pawns
We're a club devoted to any and all AU fanfics and fanarts involving the delicious Winchesters or their feindish and altogether delightful host of friends, allies, and enemies. Here the the laws of physics have no meaning. Heck we may even start nailing things to the ceiling! (That was a "Mystery Spot" reference for all those who didn't catch it.) XD

Current Residence: '67 Impala
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock
Personal Quote: "So whaddya say we kill some evil SOBs and we raise a little Hell?"

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VicodinFlavoredMints Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding my drawing to y'all's faves! :D
immortal112 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
hey guys. how are you?
just trying to get the word out. I'm wanting to do a contest and have some cute spn stickers for the winners. All I need now is some willing vict- er- participants. ^^
immortal112 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
well what do you want to make the contest about? if i can make whatever you're asking i will do it.

This is the group journal for the contests
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xokomalxo Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010

Vote Jensen Ackles for Emmy's!!!
Nagisa-Kaworu Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Save Gabriel!

After watching Supernatural 5x19 I'm more than a little unhappy with what's been done to Gabriel, so I have this idea. It is not a random thought or a plot bunny, it's about what we might do to undo this.

So, Gabriel got killed. I'm sure I'm not the only fan unhappy with it. Yes, it's for the plot, yes, there probably is meaning behind this, but the fact remains: Gabe's dead.

What can we do about it? If anyone's watched Stargate Atlantis, you probably remember Carson Beckett. He was killed in mid season 3, and later brought back because the fans petitioned MGM. So what I propose is to petition CW to bring Gabriel back.

Who's interested in it?

And I would really appreciate if someone who has experience in making petitions and going through with it helped me here.

The petition can be found here: [link]
Please, take a minute to sign it.

Feel free to cross-post it wherever you want, all publicity is good publicity.

For mods: Could you, please, add this to the group journal?
LexiWinchester Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
uhm i did send u my fanfic right??
I did, and I'm gonna put it up tonight. :)
LexiWinchester Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
ok thank you
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